Copyright Notice (branding) Removal:

Purchase the right to remove all visible phpTank branding for ONE(1) domain.

Price: $25 USD.

Thank you for your support! You make phpTank happen!

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If you have multiple domains you wish to remove the copyright for, contact us for a discount: Send us a message!

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Full phptank Solutions:

Download a collection of modules that turn phptank into for example a forum, e-commerce, photo album or a range of other solutions.

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Latest phptank Modules:

Latest modules for your phptank. Enhance your phptank to do all sorts of things with some nifty thingamabobs.


Allows you to require a password to access certain pages of your phpTank. - Does not support user registration.


Allows phpTank to display status messages easily after a task is completed.

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