phpTank Content Management System!

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The idea behind the phpTank Content Management System is to provide webmasters with the tool needed to build a WIDE variety of different websites, while at the same time providing the means to fully customize that website to fit their needs without any being slowed down by functionality that's not being used.

PhpTank's modular and template based system can be used to built exactly the website you are after, without any extra's.

Some Things We Provide

  • Using phpTank's Solutions

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    A phpTank Solution is a collection of modules and templates using the phpTank Core to provide a specific function. This function and be anything from a blog to a full e-commerce site, or simply a one page website or landing page.

  • Using the phpTank Modules

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    Need a contact form? Or perhaps a language selector or template selector as the one you see in the section below? You can do this easily and quickly by using one of the many Modules found on the phpTank website or around the internet.

Templates and Languages

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    The language system: Every bit of text you see is centralized from a single language file.

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    The template system: Every individual template can be self-sufficient or rely on the core.

Standing Out!

The goal of every website is to stand out from the crowd, and to do that you need a solid foundation! phpTank is exactly that.

Custom Services

Every website have different needs and different goals. We at phpTank can help you reach those goals. Use the phpTank CMS as the foundation for your website or extend your current website's functionality by adding a phpTank solution to a folder or subdomain. We are available to help with anything from design to development! Contact us to have an informal and obligation free talk about your needs.

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