phpTank Core Functions:

When you start using phpTank, there are a lot of new stuff that you may not be used to, but as you go about making a few pages you will see that phpTank is really easy to understand - even if you are fairly new at developing websites!

On this page we will first mentioned a few things that you really should look at when starting out with phpTank, such as how to make pages, page titles, how the Template-Before-Core loading priority works and then we move on to covering the rest of the features of the core in no particullar order.

So without any more Jibber Jabber, lets get started:


The very first thing you should learn to use when it comes to phpTank is how the pages system work. This is the basis for every website built using our CMS, and if you know how this part works, you can develop a functioning website without touching much else.

Page Titles:

Page titles is not set automatically in the phpTank CMS, as pages are loaded dynamically and each page can not include its own title tags. The PageTitle function have two operating methods: 1. Getting the page title for a static page. 2. Getting the title for a page loading dynamic content from for example a database.

Template-before-Core system.

PhpTank employ a loading system where modules and pages located in the any template folder overrides a module or page located in the core. This will allow you to customize every template in its own way while keeping the core modules intact and unchanged.

This is important for several reasons, and to mention a few: When moving a module to the template folder you can essentially choose to keep your old template functionality intact while still being able to use a new up to date module in another template that requires it. Or you can use similar templates with minor changes to modules and pages to perform A/B testing to see what ad positions or newsletter signup position work best without having to make changes to the core files.

If this seems like it is a bit much right now, don't worry! We will cover this in much more depth.