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phptank template: DefaultBlue Template

DefaultBlue Template Description:

This template, which is the default template for the phptank Core is perfect for business type websites. It is also a good match for a simple informative website such as product information or sales letter typed sites.

DefaultBlue Template Specs:

- Version: 1.0.0
- Compatible For: phpTank v0.7.x
- Type: Template
- Created: January 16th 2012
- Last Modified: January 16th 2012
- Requires Other Modules: No.



  • License Agreement:

    This product is free to use under the Creative Commons 3.0 licence.

    Attribution: You must keep all "Powered By" links and "Copyright" notices intact.
    Share: you can copy, distribute and transmit the work.
    Remix: you can adapt the work .
    Commercial Use: below is basically what you can and can not do.
    CAN: - Build and resell websites and/or scripts using this product.
    CAN: - Resell works that are built upon this product.
    CAN: - Place ads on or use this product on a business/sales page.
    CAN NOT: - Sell or resell this product as is.
    CAN NOT: - Make minor alterations to this product and then resell it.
    CAN NOT: - Make alterations to this product and then resell it as a CMS.
    CAN NOT: - Remove any visible phpTank branding.
    Want to remove the 'Powered by' and all visible branding? Branding Removal
    Questions or unsure? Contact us!

    We thank you for understanding and following this agreement, as it is the only way we have to continue providing free updates and upgrades and develop new modules and templates for you!



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